The Concrete Jungle: Home Sweet Home!


New York Skyline, Pepsi Sign in LIC


Williamsburgh Bridge, Rockefeller Building, Grand Central, Chrysler Building, LIC

The concrete jungle; we are infatuated by it. We day dream of living in this place where you can see life pulsating in every direction.

In this city, 8 million souls are all striving to make it, some way some how. New York City is an urban labyrinth where you can get lost and never be found. That is one of the many essences that make me proud to be from the empire state. It’s amazing what 4 years outside of NYC does to your perspective. Stepping out of the plane on a cold Friday night, felt like I was dreaming; I was finally home. The first thing I did was head up to my old neck of the woods, Washington Height 170th and Audubon Avenue for the best midnight snack there is; chimichurri! For all of you that don’t know what that is, peep the pic below. Afterwards I headed to CT, Danbury to spend the weekend with the family, then headed back to NYC for the rest of the week. After leaving New York four years ago, when I returned, I was seeing it from a visitors/tourists point of view. The constant state of urgency in the city was contagious. Without realizing it, I was bobbing and weaving through sidewalks, and train stations again. While living in NY, the majority of  time, people don’t fully appreciate the city; how can they? When you’re constantly surrounded by it, it’s easy to take it for granted. Which is why I spent my time going to places I never visited while living there. Seeing NY through different eyes made me realize why this city is so easy to fall in love with.

170th Street & Audubon Ave (Washington Heights)

170th Street & Audubon Ave (Washington Heights)


Barclays Center, Brooklyn, Greenpoint


Long Island City, 5 Pointz, Graffiti




The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Picasso, Pollock, Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe


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