If you’re anything like me—you don’t do the Black Friday scene. My time is precious, therefore I don’t want to waste it sweating, in a line outside of a retailer with the general public breathing on my neck anxiously waiting to trample me for a half priced sweater. [I’m just not about that life].

Hence my excitement for CYBER MONDAY!

You: So you’re telling me that I can get great deals, equivalent or better than those on Black Friday, WITHOUT the sweat and irritating human contact???

Me: Hell yes! F$&@ Black Friday!!

What is Cyber Monday? Um. It’s only the biggest online retail day of the year! Each year on Cyber Monday retailers offer items for online purchase only at 50% off or more! Shoppers find steals on clothing, electronics, plane tickets [I will be most definitely be utilizing this], wedding dresses, ect. [Some retailers started their Cyber Monday deals on Sunday last year!]


1. Map out your brands and subscribe to email alerts & e-newsletters, ALSO follow their TWITTER, FACEBOOK, AND INSTAGRAM accounts for unadvertised deals.

2. Have an idea of what you need. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed when presented with several good deals.

3. Set a budget. With so many enticing deals being at your fingertips, it’s easy to over spend. Know the difference between shopping opportunistically and impulse buying. [Is there a difference? lol]

4. Comparison shop!! Price check before you buy. Use websites such as Pricegrabber.com or Google.com/products and enter the product name, it will tell you who’s selling it and how much. [An awesome tool]

5. Seek out free shipping. Sometimes if one retailer is offering a product at a slightly higher price than another BUT has waives the shipping charge, it could be a better deal.

6. Look for coupons. Go to Google, type in the retailer’s name, followed by the words COUPONS or PROMO CODES. You might be surprised at what you find.

7. If you have access to a television, shows like Good Morning America sometimes do features on which were the best deals of the day the morning of cyber Monday.

8. Make sure you have ample battery life in your computer or phone as to avoid missing a deal because of technical difficulties.

9. Ensure your internet speed is fast/reliable enough to process transactions and guide you through pages quickly. This will be important when certain websites have time limits to buy.

10. Get comfortable! Put on your most comfy Pjs, pour a glass of vino, and let the shopping begin! [Minus the sweat and lines]

We will be live on Twitter on Cyber Monday so feel free to tweet us any AMAZING finds you stumble across!! Twitter.com/EnigmaYoungster

Happy Turkey Day!!



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